JavaScriptmas 2021

December 26, 2021

The JavaScriptmas challenge is what started it all! In 2020, I took a chance with my elementary JS knowledge to tackle the Scrimba 202 JavaScriptmas challenges, even though I had not yet started that learning path in my Flatiron program. Although I had to do quite a lot of Google searches to complete those challenges, I remember learning a lot and feeling more capable than I had imaged I would.

I’m excited to participate in this year’s challenges! With my Flatiron program complete, I am enjoying the ability to knock the initial challenges out quickly while expecting to be challenged along the way. I will continue to add daily to this blog until all 24 days are complete.

December 1:
I’m glad I clicked early because the submission time is midnight GMT! Even though I have gained a vast amount of experience since last year, I was still afraid to get started. Until I did - then it was like “Hey, great! A nice easy warm-up!” I was able to run through the brute force-more elegant cycle really quickly and get the solution working. Day 1 done!

December 2:
I listened to the introduction before running upstairs to rescue my burning cast iron frying pan (Oops! Forgot I turned on the stove!). While running, I realized the solution to this challenge was adding an event listener, something I had to Google and struggled with last year, but this year could write up quickly without even thinking of any of the syntax too hard. I may sweep back to pick up the challenge portion but at this point, I have a quick working solution.

December 3:
I ran into some trouble starting this one - I needed to back out and logically think through where I was putting things into the code. I kept it really basic but I got it completed. It was similar to December 2, in that the challenge was to update an existing page with new information, so I grabbed a few emoji to jazz up my work.

December 4:
The challenge today was to create a checklist from an array of items. I had my initial moment of “hey, how do I do this?” before I was able to knock out the basic challenge. I would normally try to complete the stretch goals on a weekend, but my rehearsal went long today and I have a commitment tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I can give them all a try!

December 5:
I missed posting before midnight GMT because I didn’t get the challenge done before church and I had an evening concert. I went ahead and completed it to ensure I get all days done! This was a nice little refreshed on how to perform getting a random number.

December 6:
The instructions were a little unclear but I think I did what was expected. It may have been because it was more straightforward than I expected? The hint asked you to use toggle on classlist, so I included that. I know the button on the text is changing appropriately so I called this good.

December 7:
I was initially apprehensive about this challenge because I know almost nothing about using audio on sites, other than learning knowledge. Googling helped a lot with this one! It was quite gratifying to be able to get the basic challenge working!

December 8:
I had to run in the middle of the day when the local field with the dome up had the track available, so I missed submitting by midnight GMT. It was fun to see the same solution from yesterday to play audio reproduced in today’s challenge so I could build on it! I knew that the solution would involve a CSS transform, something I need to continue to study, so it was great to have some practice!

December 9:
I’m enjoying these easier challenges because I know the harder ones are coming! I left my decorations pretty plain and solved just the basic challenge. This is another example where I will return to the challenge later to work on the stretch goals since they apply to projects I have in development.

December 10:
I was not aware of the meter HTML element so this was fun! I hard-coded my Christmas day because even though I could see the date was set correctly when I created a variable, getting the day value for it gave me 24 instead of 25? Something to look into later!

December 11:
I love image carousels! I remember working on the one for JavaScriptmas 2020 and feeling like things were finally clicking for me, so it was fun to revisit that moment.

December 12:
I had to solve this one 3 times - my computer crashed, then I had to log back into Scrimba! I love adding items to lists with JS, so this one was fast and easy. I should probably start doing the challenge items too!

December 13:
This one took longer than expected! I appreciated a vegetarian option in the food to be served.

December 14:
I was able to solve duplicating the elf in about 2 minutes - new record! Since I’m on Day 2 of a workshop in-person with Frontend Masters, I decided not to tackle any of the additional challenges yet.

December 15:
I was able to get my greeting switched pretty quick! I’ll have to go back and add more greetings.

December 16:
My solution to retrieve a movie based on age and genre had just one thing I think I could change but I left the working solution as is.

December 17:
I had fun sorting people into naughty and nice lists!

December 18:
This was the first challenge that really stumped me. I wasn’t clear on the explanation, and the hint didn’t help me much more. I got a solution working but it’s pretty ugly. It reminded me that periodic studying of CSS is a helpful thing, so I need to add it back to my study list!

December 19:
I was momentarily stumped on how to implement async and await, since I wanted to take that approach rather than the intermediate fetch...then pattern. Once I re-wrote the code a second time to working state, I was able to finish off the challenge.

December 20:
It took me a while to determine how to invoke the color changing on the snowman items, and my solution is hacky but it works. I’m still not sure what to do with the input variable that was given, so I’ll have to watch the solution tomorrow to see what I could have done differently.

December 21:
It took me a good amount of time to solve the speed calculation. I decided to add a button to perform the calculation instead of trying to figure out which of the events I wanted to trap.

December 22:
Something kept crashing my browser while I tried to solve this challenge, so I coded it outside Scrimba then pasted it back in. I still had to look up setInterval() to use it properly! This did provide me with some practice for a countdown timer I was going to build, so I was glad to have this experience!

December 23:
The challenges are almost complete for 2021! I liked having a nice, light challenge today to change the sign for Santa. One more challenge to close out the year coming tomorrow!

December 24:
It seems like the sharing for this challenge was turned off at 13:00 GMT, so I had to clone the scrim to share it. I searched around for a sound effect to add to the sleigh launcher and it was fun; I forgot you could add files into the scrim - yay!

Final thoughts

I was able to solve most of this year’s challenges very quickly. It was great to see the outcome of my bootcamp education and contiuous learning. If there are additional stretch goals next year, I will definitely take them on. After a couple of days taking a break, I’ll be back working on my personal projects.